Club 10

Important The 10's this season have been very busy - pre bookings are available for anyone who puts their name on the marshal rota, otherwise try your luck by just turning up.  It is important that you follow the COVID rules detailed below. BE AWARE that rear lights are now mandatory - no light, no ride
Start Times . First Rider Off: 5th May 18:31. All other nights: 18:46

Sign-on will be in the usual location on the Industrial Estate in Cramlington: Nelson Way at the junction with Colbourne Avenue.  The nearest postcode is NE23 1WD. Sign-on is normally open from around 5.30pm depending upon how long it takes to set the course out. 

Route Map


There is adequate parking on the roads surrounding the sign-on so space out appropriately.  Please park considerately and space yourselves out so that it doesn’t turn into a mass gathering.

CTT Rules – Covid-19

  • Competitors should not attend if they feel ill in ANY way or if family members have any symptoms.
  • An elevated resting heart rate or exceptionally quick to react heart rate during warm-up can suggest an underlying asymptomatic illness of ANY kind.  You should NOT start the event (DNS) and leave immediately.  Do not go to the start line if you feel this is the case and notify the organiser of your intention not to start as a result of an adverse warm-up.
  • All warm-ups should be done on the road.  Static warm-ups are prohibited.
  • Riders MUST NOT gather in any way, regardless of current guidelines in the car park, HQ area or elsewhere.
  • Competitors on finishing MUST NOT stop at the finish and MUST NOT loiter at the HQ/car park and MUST pack away and leave immediately upon completion of the race.
  • No support can be provided if a competitor suffers mechanical difficulties.  It is strongly advised that all competitors carry with them a spare inner-tube/tubular, pump and tyre levers if required.
  • It is strongly advised that all competitors carry a mobile phone and take with them the telephone number of the event organiser.  Please telephone the organiser if you have failed to finish the event.

You will need to bring your own pen to sign on before collecting your allocated (disposable) number.  If you need to attach your number to the outside of your jersey, you will need to bring your own safety pins.  We do not require the numbers back – please dispose of them afterwards at home.

When signing on please detail an appropriate emergency contact number.  If you have a mechanical out on the course and require assistance, we cannot pick you up.  We will make contact with the number listed as your emergency contact

You must have a working rear light attached to your bicycle – either constant or flashing.  No light, no ride. 

Once you have signed on and collected your number, please disperse from around the sign-on area to do your warm-up on the open roads – REMEMBER, NO USE OF STATIC TRAINERS.

Please do not report to the start line until 4 minutes before your allocated start time – this is to ensure social distancing.  You will need to start with one foot on the ground as there will be no pusher-off.  Please adhere to the 2 metre distancing rule at all times.  When you have finished, pack up and go straight home.

No equipment or clothing is to be left at the sign-on or start unless you intend to retrieve it at your own risk – come dressed to race.

Event Info

We got lucky with the weather tonight.  A few spots of drizzle as riders were signing on, but thankfully it didn’t amount to anything.  Many thanks to tonight’s marshals:   Gordon Dixon, Richard Glennie, Neil and George Cranston, John Millar, Trevor Leightley along with Ray Luckett and Ali McLean up on the Start line.  A few photographers spotted out and about tonight, so look forward to seeing their snaps via the usual social media channels.

Full Results

PositionRiderNameClubTimeAvg Spd
1J RoutledgeBarnesbury CC 20:40 29.03 20
2P KennellGS Metro 20:50 28.80 9
3D WilliamsonMuckle CC 20:58 28.62 4
4L KennedyArmy CC 21:01 28.55 33
5A CunninghamVector Racing 21:06 28.44 6
6H WalkerRevolver Racing 21:08 28.39 48
7M StrangVelo Culture 21:09 28.37 35
8J DobsonPM Racing UK 21:22 28.08 22
9M CharltonBarnesbury CC 21:26 27.99 1
10N MartinVelo Culture 21:37 27.76 30
11J W DixonVelo Culture 21:42 27.65 34 J
12A WilsonVelo Culture 21:47 27.54 40
13D CunninghamVector Racing 21:53 27.42 3
14C HumphreyCJ Performance 21:59 27.29 25
15C BeatyAllen Valley Velo 22:27 26.73 32
16K HallSunderland Clarion 22:38 26.51 26
17B AmairaAlnwick CC 22:40 26.47 7
18M LynchDerwentside CC 22:41 26.45 46
19H HallVelo Culture 22:47 26.34 39 J
20D VennerN Shields Poly 22:48 26.32 31
21J AndersonN Shields Poly 22:53 26.22 28
22J ReaBlaydon CC 23:19 25.73 45 W
23D MaddenBarnesbury CC 23:27 25.59 10
24Pete WatsonBarnesbury CC 23:28 25.57 42 J
25S HillBarnesbury CC 23:37 25.41 2
26H BuckinghamAllen Valley Velo 24:03 24.95 44
27S JohnstoneBarnesbury CC 24:04 24.93 15
28C HarlowBlaydon CC 24:05 24.91 29 W
29S WaltonTyne Tri 24:08 24.86 43
30C HortonBarnesbury CC 24:39 24.34 16
31K SibbaldZeus CRT 24:47 24.21 37
32D BallantyneEMC 25:06 23.90 17
33M ChappelNTR 25:40 23.38 21
34A DavisonTri North 25:41 23.36 18
35J NormanVelo Culture 25:44 23.32 38 W
36D WilsonCramlington CC 27:03 22.18 12
37A BrabazanTri North 27:59 21.44 11 W
38S McCannBarnesbury CC 29:31 20.33 5 J
39H GouldN Shields Poly 30:38 19.59 19 W